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CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable

CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable

  • CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable
  • CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable
  • CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable
  • CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable
CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable
Datos del producto:
Lugar de origen: CHINA
Nombre de la marca: DM
Certificación: ISO 9001/3.1 CERTIFICATE
Número de modelo: DM-0022
Pago y Envío Términos:
Cantidad de orden mínima: 1 sistema
Precio: 3000USD-5000USD/SET
Detalles de empaquetado: 1000 sistemas por mes
Tiempo de entrega: 20-30DAYS
Descripción detallada del producto
Material: SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, 316LN-ESR Dimensión (L*W*H): Modificado para requisitos particulares
Tratamiento superficial: Pula con chorro de arena pulido, electro pulido, manual pulido Técnicas: Forjado
Uso: Medicina que procesa, sustancias químicas que procesan, transformación de los alimentos Lugar de origen: Jiangsu, China
Forma: Cilíndrico, caja, D-forma, esférica, polígono, campana de cristal, modificó para requisitos particul Paquete: Caja de la madera contrachapada
Servicio post-venta: Ayuda en línea, soporte técnico video Servicio del OEM:
Alta luz:

CF100 edge welded bellows


CF63 edge welded bellows


CF16 flexible hose pipe

Product Description


Welding bellows is a new type of component emerging at home and abroad in recent years. It can be used as a sensitive component, sealing component, isolation medium, pipeline connection and temperature compensator. It in addition to pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing and other advantages, compared with the traditional shape of bellows there are two outstanding advantages: large deformation, long life.



Schematic diagram


single crystal furnace welded bellow for accelerator and vacuum industry 0

Its composition is composed of two formed hollow diaphragm with concentric circle for inner edge welding to form a diaphragm pair, and then a plurality of diaphragm pairs stacked together for outer edge welding to form a corrugated section, and then at both ends and end plate metal welding combined into a bellows group, so that it can be reciprocated with other moving parts according to the external needs





  • Temperature: -196-450℃
  • Medium: Vacuum/Gas
  • Pressure: -0.1Mpa
  • Size:From DN5-DN300


CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable 1




Detailed Images


CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable 2


CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable 3





Company Profile


DRACHMA (ZHANGJIAGANG) MATERIAL CO.LTD has two main production plants. Zhangjiagang plant is responsible for the rough forming of workpieces, mainly forging process; While Hangzhou plant is mainly responsible for precision machining, welding and inspection of products. We implement this layout mainly to use the industrial advantages of each region to achieve maximum economic benefits.


Traditional processing enterprises often do not have such ability, the lack of blank forming ability is unable to achieve the optimal use of materials, resulting in excessive processing allowance, long cycle, high cost. Zhangjiagang is located in the southern jiangsu province, which has the strongest forging capacity in China. It has a good supporting industry and can realize the diversified production of forging and pressing blanks. Thanks to this, the product cycle of our company is faster, the cost performance is higher, and the forging products have better mechanical properties than the products directly processed by rod or plate.


In addition, our company has strong welding ability, which can weld and assemble parts to achieve system delivery. We adopt the mode of automatic robot welding and manual precision welding to achieve flexibility and high quality.


 CF16 CF35 CF63 CF100 Edge Welded Bellows Rotatable 4


Equipment List



Name Type Quantity Processing range Precision(um)
CNC MAZAK(QTN350L) 1 φ720*1250 3
CNC MAZAK(QTN250L) 1 φ580*1500 3
Turn milling center MAZAK(QTN250M) 2 φ580*600 3
CNC Newway(NL-634SC) 1 φ630*1000 5
CNC FUJI(TN-36) 2 φ350*290 3
CNC HAAS SL30 1 φ620*750 3
CNC MAZAK FJV200 1 560X*410Y*560Z 3
CNC LGMAZAK NEXUS160AN-2PC 1 560X*410Y*660Z 10
CNC WHEELEL 2 560X*410Y*660Z 5
Welding Miller 1    


Material List we can deal



Stainless steel :304/1.4307 316/1.4404 321/1.4541 316Ti/1.4571 317L 904L F44 NO6625 UNS718

440A/B/C 431 446 F6a F11 F22 F91


Duplex steel : F51 F60 F53 F55


Aluminum : 6061 6063 7075 5052

Drachma(Zhangjiagang)material Co.LTD

Persona de Contacto: Chen

Teléfono: 15852654217

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